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ERG is a network of Business Counselors offering a fortified collection of boutique coaching, consulting and management programs and services. Our programs range from our signature Brule Strategy Session to ongoing brand development and management services.

Since no two clients are alike, each program is tailored to fit the industry, objectives, and overall needs of the client. We utilize a systematic approach, covering a planned series of events and milestones in order to ensure “all ground” is covered; however, our process remains far from “cookie cutter”, and each task and event is established based upon the client’s objectives, and what is appropriate in light of the business’ needs and goals.

Are you mentally exhausted trying to determine the best way for you to move forward in your business?

Are you committed to finishing what you started yet lack a strategy that garners progression and success for a viable business?

Are you simply frustrated because you clearly see your vision but for some reason you can’t seem to move past the basics?

Business can be challenging for most people, however doing business without a solid game plan will only get you so far. In order to make traction and be productive in business there comes a point when you have to solidify your plans for growth. Those who dominate their markets are not doing so haphazardly, they are doing so strategically!

If you’re seeking to uncover your core philosophy and determine the best plan to create products and services, to write books and publish articles, to develop a signature curriculum and conceptualize events that are all on-brand, our Brule Strategy Session is just what you need.

Monetize your business worth and more importantly work with me to help map out exactly what steps are needed in order to become profitable, confident and intentional in your business.

Think of a Brule Strategy Session as a



• Decode your marketing message
• Establish your brand philosophy
• Create a profitable platform for multiple streams of income
• Organize your thoughts according to priority, feasibility, necessity and impact
• Determine what makes you unique and how your uniqueness will make you profitable
• Gain the Momentum needed in order to regain confidence in yourself and your business



You’re a serious business owner with a vision, idea or simply a lot of time, money and energy invested in achieving your vision, and you know that CLARITY, STRATEGY and ACCOUNTABILITY to implement is what you need in order to move up, generate revenue and make a difference, then there is no better day than today to schedule your Brule Strategy Session.


3 Hour Strategy Session 
Introductions + An Deep Strategy Session sure to make you dig further into your business, brand, goals and self


Brule Discovery Guide
Prior to our session you will receive several assignments to complete. These assignments will prep you for our time together. During our time together you will be probed to think creatively, strategically and purposefully about your experiences, the current state of your business, the desired state of your business and how to best profit from your business.


Brule Strategy Report
• A Gap analysis: An audit and assessment of where you currently are in business, where you desire to be, and the steps necessary to move you from wilderness wonderer to promise land explorer.

• Comprehensive Vision and Mission Statement Grid: We’ll define and decompose your vision and mission statements. Ensuring that you are clear, sound and are partnered with realistic expectations and measurable outcomes.

• 1 Page Business Development Strategy: I’ll provide you with an action plan to further develop and market your business in order to boost your revenue, attract exceptional business opportunities (from speaking engagements to expert panel discussions), and get noticed in your industry by growing and expanding your network.


3P Canvas (Profitable. Purposeful. Platform.)
An ESG signature architecture, the 3P Canvas maps out the various streams of income within your brand, and the key steps needed in order to produce them. The 3P Canvas will catapult you into creating products and services, writing books, developing a curriculum and/ or conceptualizing events that are on-brand and will attract your ideal customer base.


30 Minute Accountability Call
Follow-up call to help you stay on course after you Session + Q&A


$3,500 (2 payments of $1,750)

Uncover your core business and brand philosophy and use it to create products and services. Write a book, develop a curriculum, and conceptualize events that are on-brand.

Frustrated because you see your vision and the end game but can’t seem to move past the basics?

Are you committed to finishing what you started but feel as though you lack a strategy that will garner progression and success?

Do you wrestle with thoughts of simply giving up because you are coming to the end of your rope? Are you mentally exhausted, because the truth is…YOU DON’T WANT TO GIVE UP…but you’re simply tired of trying to figure it all out on your own? Don’t give up, just click here.

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